Caddy Book 2017

Less than two weeks until the tournament.  Hard to believe it’s so close.

Last year, in an effort to help our out of town friends get to know the course a bit better, we put together a full color Caddy Book for the course, including details on the Dragon’s Tail Nine course to be played by the top 9 MPO players.  We’ve done it again this year, but we expect it will be to the benefit of our local players as well.

In addition to adding a new pin position this spring (and using a couple added to the course last year but not used at last year’s DDGC), we are adding two brand new holes to the course as well. These new holes, labeled Hole A and Hole B, will eventually become a part of a new, separate 18 hole course.  But in the meantime, we’re adding them on to the existing course for more fun and more room for players.

The Caddy Book can be viewed below or downloaded directly here (right click and save).  It should be noted that we will not be printing this to have available to players on tournament weekend.  Instead, a condensed version will be included in the Player Program.  So you’ll get the info handed to you, but it won’t be so large and colorful in the program (and the program will not include the DT9 hole maps).  Enjoy!

Note: Pars listed are the recreational pars used daily by our regular players.