The Dragan Disc Golf Classic is going on its eighteenth year, with 2018 marking the seventh year since the return of the classic one-day, noon start format for which the tournament is famous.  Nothing is set in stone yet with sponsorship and all that, but we intend to offer no less than what we have in the past for the 2018 edition.

As a PDGA B-tier event, the pro purse will have a minimum of $500 added, with the possibility of more added depending on sponsorship. A minimum of twenty spots will be reserved for the Pro Open & Pro Women’s divisions through May 19, 2018. After that, should any of those twenty spots remain, they will opened up on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • News and Notes - This was sent out in an email to all participants, but for those that didn’t receive the email, we post it here. Hello Registered Players (and waitlisters) of the DDGC, Just wanted to send a note to everyone with a couple reminders and news items as we are about 72 hours away from crowning our … Continue reading News and Notes
  • Trophies - The DDGC has always prided itself on having unique and special trophies for its winners, some coming out better than others. Sooner than we expected and sooner than we’ve ever had before, the trophies for DDGC17 are already done and in our hands. And we can’t resist showing them off. Cut from wrought iron with … Continue reading Trophies
  • Next Generation Tour - As we alluded to a few weeks ago, DDGC17 will be sharing the weekend with a Next Generation Tour qualifying event.  With the launch of their official website, the Next Generation Tour released the schedule of all of its 2017 events including the qualifying event at Dragan Field on Sunday, June 4. So who can … Continue reading Next Generation Tour
  • Registration, day 8 - As of about an hour ago, all open spots in the tournament have been filled.  Matt Burnette snagged the last available MPO spot.  That means the only way to get into the DDGC at this point is to sign up for the waitlist through the “Register” link in the top menu. Another reminder of how … Continue reading Registration, day 8

Total player capacity is just 72 players. Past DDGCs have sold out in advance, including last year selling out in just hours. Mark your calendars, monitor this site, and watch our social media so you do not miss your chance to sign up and play the longest running PDGA event in the state of Maine.

Online and mail-in registration opens on February 1, 2018.